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15 Reasons Why I LOVE My Job!


How would you like to have a job where people tell you all the time, how much they LOVE the product you told them about? 

I truly feel like I am changing peoples' lives by being that person who gets to introduce them to the product. It gives them more energy, it makes them feel better, it's easy to drink, it tastes good, it's easy to make, and a machine looks beautiful in any kitchen.

Who wouldn't want a job like that?

You can share the product practically for FREE! For me, this was HUGE.

The last company I was with sold health products (vitamins and shakes) that were AWESOME.  They worked so well, I wanted to share them with everyone. But I just could not afford to give away the products, for free.  It would have cost me $70 to share a two week supply of the vitamins, and since I was a new distributor, I just did not have that kind of money! Yes, they had samples you could order and hand out, but in my opinion you really need to try a product for 2 weeks in order to see if it works or not. 

Once the machine is paid for, your operating costs are very low so anything you share is practically free. I basically just had to pay for the bottles (and you can ask to have those back). Water is typically 5 cents a gallon or less in California. If you are sharing a TON of water, you might have to pay a little more for the filters, but not much. The filters are good for 1200 gallons of water!

It's incredibly rewarding and heartwarming to be able to help people with their HEALTH.

This business is so rewarding, I would do it for free in my spare time.  Not only that, but if someone asked me to go doorknocking FOR FREE and just let people know about this, in my spare time, I would do that. Just because I feel so strongly that people need to know about this. To me, it is just a travesty that these machines are not more well known in this country, and I plan to keep doing this business until it's in one out of 10 households.

Getting paid to do this is just a bonus. I recently spoke to a man who said his health condition cost  him over a million dollars - everything from hospital bills to lost wages and business opportunities. It is really rewarding to be able to give someone not only the gift of good health, but to give them an opportunity to save (and make) money!

The commission rate is really good, 
AND really fair!

The money is NOT why I got into this business. 

I would still be a distributor if my commission was 10 bucks a machine (why not... I'd still tell people about it even if I made NO money).  

But I'm not going to lie... the commission checks are a huge BONUS of being in this business. 

You can see the compensation plan on THIS PAGE (where you will see the button below to play a video).

* Please note the actual compensation amount per sale differs slightly between countries  

Benefits of the Enagic® Compensation Plan:

No sign-up fee
No inventory stocking
No distributor fees
No time limits
No auto-ships

Enagic devotes 70 percent of it's purchase price towards marketing, which is STANDARD for many products. Bottled water is marked up 100 times what it costs to manufacture a machine. But Enagic commissions are not marked up nearly as much as they COULD be. 

When you make your first referral as a distributor, you will get a check for $285 (if you are a Tokurei distributor, it will be $160).

The checks keep increasing as you do more sales, and eventually you can make $1700 for one sale.
If you work as a team (meaning, you and your spouse both get checks) you can make even more.

I want to make this SUPER CLEAR... the machine is NOT OVERPRICED.  If anything, in my opinion it is way way UNDERPRICED.

The original machines were $340,000.000 and used in Japanese hospitals. 

People love this water so much, that in Japan, 300,000 units were sold in the first year of their release, largely because people had heard how good it was, from people who'd received it in Japanese hospitals. And the Japanese government was such a big fan of the water, they aired a serious of news segments about this water.

These machines are ISO certified as MEDICAL EQUIPMENT.
Now, they are beautiful kitchen appliances that cost about $4,000.00.

You might be asking yourself, WHO in the WORLD would pay $4,000.00?

The answer is, people who are super sick, really fatigued, and in a lot of pain. America is FULL people in this category, and you have a huge opportunity to HELP THEM.

When you are able to give a person more energy and pain relief, people will want to know how they can get this water on a regular basis, and make it from their own home. 

I used to buy and re-sell beauty equipment on eBay and high quality medical equipment is NOT CHEAP.  I used with a distributor who bought and sold beauty equipment that cost $20,000 and up, and they don't do anything for your health!  

The product can SAVE you (and your friends & family) Money!

This water costs less, per gallon, than just about any other type of water you could buy... and it's better  than regular water because you can make it even more filtered than many bottled waters available from grocery stores.  It offers superior hydration, and 6-10x more antioxidants than green tea, without the toxins from BPA bottles or tap water. Many brands of bottled water are simply made with tap water... if you don't believe it, check out this report by the NRDC.

You can see a spreadsheet I made, to calculate the REAL cost of bottled water, 

Freedom and Flexibility

I do almost my entire business exclusively from home.

I absolutely believe that it is very important to be willing to share the water with people when they ask you to try it, but I don't feel that it's necessary to deliver water, in order to make money. 

In this day and age of online advertising (YouTube, Twitter, Google, Twitter, Facebook) there is a lot more you can do to get leads and let people know about this water, online!
I can show you how. 

It is THE MOST AWESOME THING to be able to set up your own schedule, and do what you want to do, WHEN you want to do it. I NEVER have to ask anyone if I can take time off! I can be that person in the family with the flexible schedule who can help out when I'm needed. 

This is NOT your typical Network Marketing Company!

There is NO AUTOSHIP, NO SALES QUOTAS, YOU NEVER HAVE TO BUY ANOTHER THING AGAIN, and you will STILL qualify for commission checks if you make a sale, any time in the future. YES, REALLY.  You can make commissions for downline sales when you are an active distributor (meaning you sell a machine every 3-6 months), and you will ALWAYS get commission checks for direct sales. If you don't sell a machine for 10 years, but then one of your friends wants to buy one, the company will send you a check for $285.

You are qualified to be a distributor as soon as you get your own machine. There are no extra fees to "join." If you sign up as a Tokurei distributor, you will just have to pay for a starter kit that explains how the process works.

You can do this business from anywhere and don't have to market to your friends or family. You don't have to fill up your office with tons of products that are expensive to give away, or will possibly expire! If you want to share water with someone, you can share it with them fresh from your machine, in 1 gallon bottles. Some people rarely share water because they truly believe the best way to share it is to sell someone a machine from Day 1, so they can experience fresh water from the GETGO.

Incredible Support 

My "upline" is a woman named Monica and I feel like I won the lottery by joining her team. 
Her recovery story is amazing, and she is truly passionate about helping others.

I actually "sought her out" when I was looking for someone to buy the machine from. I wanted to get the machine from someone super passionate and knowledgeable about the water, so they could educate me, and then I could educate other people.  We work as a team, and she has spent countless hours on the phone with my clients, but now I am able to do the calls myself.

There are many conference calls and webinars you can listen to, every week.

There are dozens of videos you can watch, to learn about the business.

There are a lot of Facebook groups and a great community of people who are willing to share what they've learned.

Great Marketing Tools & Resources

Enagic also has LOTS of marketing tools, and you can also order many, many different marketing tools, including brochures, educational videos, DVDs and more!

There are several different sites that offer marketing materials.
Enagic also has beautiful websites to help you market and sell the Kangen Water Machines, starting at just $30 per month (you can get additional sites for a much lower cost). 

To see the sites in more detail, click on the links below. You can get a free trial website by clicking HERE.
A Company & Founder I feel GREAT about!

The founder of the company is a man named Hironari Oshiro, who is extremely passionate about this business. He is a humble, bright, energetic man who has been drinking Kangen water for 30 years, and he looks astoundingly good for his age. He is always encouraging people to share the water and give it away. 

I don't know about you, but when I am working for a company, I want to be sure that I like the people I make money for, because I work hard and if my day job is taking up over 50 percent of my life, I want to be sure my time and energy are being given to a cause, a person, or a company that I feel good about. And I can 100 percent say that yes, this is true for this company.

You can see Mr. Oshiro on the left, in this photo, when he was just 76 years old. 

His financial advisor on the right is the same age (actually, he's a few months younger)!

This is a SUPER high quality product.

If I don't absolutely love a product, I just can't get behind it and tell other people about it.

But if I DO like it, I can sell the heck out of it! So I did over 50 hours of research to determine which machine and which company was THE BEST one to sell.

I looked at lots of different companies and machines, and this company not only had THE BEST machine, that was the best quality, but it also had the best price, when you consider that the last so long. These machines are like wonder woman. Beautiful on the outside, super strong on the inside.

They are the GOLD STANDARD in the industry, are the ONLY machine with ISO 9001 certification PLUS ISO 13485 Medical certification. This is a huge deal. Enagic is the gold standard.

The machines are also known to last 15-30 years. The company has been around for over 40 years.

The timing for doing this business is perfect because:

Global Warming is a huge problem, and it's just getting worse.

But people are becoming more and more aware of how bad bottled water really is, for our environment!

There was a time where there were no laws or rules about litter, 
and trash was scattered all over the freeway. 
But not anymore. 

There was a time when you could burn wood in your fireplace at any time, and never risk getting a fine.
But not anymore.

There was a time when grocery stores gave you all your food in one or two plastic bags.

But not anymore. 

There was a time where workers in downtown San Francisco were provided bottled water at their offices.
But not anymore.

Former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom made a law that restricts city departments from buying bottled water. They must drink filtered tap water now! Newsom is leading a movement among mayors aimed at reducing or eliminating American consumption of bottled water. 

Times are changing, and people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that there are simple things that are easy to do, to spare our environment!

 Making water from this machine enables people to be able to SAVE WATER! 

Most people are unaware that "purified water" usually means Reverse Osmosis, which typically WASTES 3-20 gallons of water for every 1 gallon it produces!

Did you know...

47 million gallons of oil are needed to make the plastic water bottles used in America?  Others put the figure much higher. 

Americans drank more than 8 billion gallons of bottled water last year with a wholesale value of nearly $11 billion. Per capita consumption for the year was 27.6 gallons, according to the International Bottled Water Association. 

It's estimated that every square mile of ocean contains 46,000 pieces of floating plastic.

Americans consume so much bottled water, you could circle the equator with the bottles every 27 hours (source: The Environmental Working Group).

A family of 4 can save 50,000 plastic bottles in their lifetime.

A business could save 100,000 bottles or more.
It's estimated that of the 30 billion plastic water bottles sold in the US in 2005, only 12 percent were recycled. Not much has changed since then!

EVERY TIME I go to Costco, I see several people in line with bottled water in their cart.

I really believe that in 10 years, we will see a LOT less of that!

 America is in a healthcare crisis. 

While I'm not able to state this water is a cure for anything, I can tell you that there are thousands of people who have shared incredible stories about how this water has changed their lives. Most people are unaware that tap water is VERY acidic! I went to the EPA's website and saw that they actually admit that carcinogens can be present in tap water, and they encourage people to look into this, but... who actually goes to the EPA's website and sees this?

Iatrogenic (doctor caused) disease is the THIRD leading cause of death in the US.

If you don't believe how bad things really are, please have a look at this video! I speak with SO many people who are very, very sick and need help.  There just aren't enough Kangen water distributors out there, getting the word out, about this water.

 Most people have still never heard of this company and business.
So, the Growth potential for this company is HUGE.

It's hard to believe how many people I have met who tell me they are "really into water"
and "LOVE water" and consider themselves experts on hydration...
yet they've never even heard of this water!

If you went to an average supermarket and asked the next 10 people to walk out the door, "Have you ever heard of Kangen water?"  Chances are good that 9 out of 10 will tell you, "What's that?"

Sometimes you hear of people who say they were so relieved because they "got in early." 

Well, in my opinion this is one of those businesses you should join now, because there IS going to be a point where just about everyone in the country will have heard of it. I strongly believe that in 10 years, we are going to be a lot more like Japan, where it's more like one in every 4 households.

It is estimated that one in five households in Japan have one of these types of machines.

When I first joined the company, I was told that just one in 18,000 households has one. But the number is growing. Last I checked, when I did the math it seemed that one out of 1500 people has one of these machines. 

The first year these machines hit the market, 300,000 were sold (for $4,000 each) through word of mouth. Many people who had been in hospitals had known about the power of this "magic water" and word quickly spread. People who were dismissed from hospitals actually lined up outside the hospital, to get more of this water! The company doesn't pay for advertising, because they don't feel the need to when distributors do such a good job in getting the word out.  That's how much people love this water!

You can use it just about anywhere people drink water. This includes restaurants, cafes, schools, doctors' offices, gyms, beauty salons, gyms, spas... and of course, in peoples' homes!

Enagic can ship products to just about any country in the world.

Make No Mistake... People are learning about this machine, QUICK!

This is a WORLDWIDE company, with 26 locations worldwide, and 7 in the United States. 

Enagic will ship these companies to ANYWHERE in the world. 
I've had people contact me from all over the world - from The Ukraine to Malaysia to Africa. 
And the company keeps expanding. So this is a REALLY GOOD time to get involved and start building your GLOBAL business!

You can get started for a CRAZY LOW cost. 

There are several ways you can become a distributor.

When you have your own machine, you can share the water and have experience talking about it.

You can get a machine for just $44 per month on approved credit! 

And if your credit a little rough (as is the case for many people recovering from a down economy), you can do company financing, with an initial deposit plus a monthly payment.
I have a list of 10 ways you can get a machine, even if you're broke!

I paid $500 to $1000 to join the last 2 network marketing companies I was in, so to me, $44 a month sounded DIRT CHEAP. Keep in mind that when your machine is paid off, you will OWN IT and your operating costs will be minimal (less than what I paid for one monthly auto ship payment). With a different network marketing company I was with, their products were GREAT, but at the end of the 2 years, all the product was gone. But with an Enagic machine, you'll still have it sitting there on the counter!

There is also an option to do a program where you don't even have to have your own machine...if you want to join the referral program (which costs under $40 for the materials to learn about the business). So  you can get paid for referrals! Personally, I think it's better to use that money for your first payment towards a machine, because then you will be able to drink the water (so you will be a good spokesperson) AND you can share the water, but just know it IS an option.

Tokurei Starter Kit

Tokurei Starter Kit

Enagic will require Tokurei (Good Samaritan) distributors to purchase a "Tokurei Starter Kit"
for $25 (+ $7 shipping and applicable taxes)
The set includes:
  • Welcome paper (ID number & thank you letter)
  • Distributor Agreement
  • Color chart
  • Compensation plan DVD
  • Compliance DVD
  • Company profile DVD
  • SD501 brochure
  • Advantages of using Kangen Water brochure

You can get started in this business for 0.01 PERCENT OF WHAT IT COSTS TO OPEN AN AVERAGE FRANCHISE.... but in my opinion, you can make even MORE in THIS business.

But with Enagic, you can market worldwide.

Have you ever thought about opening up a franchise? Not only will you feel like you need to be tied to that franchise, driving to the actual location regularly to check up on things, but it is VERY EXPENSIVE. Check out this list of WHAT IT COSTS TO START A FRANCHISEI'm pasting this list (of top franchises in the country) below, so you can see it for yourself.

(Click HERE to see the average cost of opening one of the franchises on this list, below)

To get started, get back to the person who directed you to this site.
If you give me the person's referral code, 

you will get a free gift for joining! 

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