Monday, January 16, 2017

I'd Love to work with you if...

I am happy to work with anyone who is motivated, determined, and is willing to work hard to make a lot of money in this business.  I don't care if you're young, old, male, female, gay, straight, black, white, loud, or quiet. I want to work with anyone who has a lot of ambition, with an entrepreneurial mindset, who is willing to work.

The only people I don't want to work with are people who are lazy, whine, complain, and want to sit back and wait for the world to hand them something. I have to tell you right now, I have no tolerance for whiners. I'd truly rather listen to nails on a chalkboard.

I want to work with people who are determined and driven and have heart, and are willing to work, to make the world a better place. People who whine and wait for the world to hand them something, would suck the life force out of my energy field and I would get really annoyed. Whiners are like rotten apples that can spoil a whole barrel and can bring down the morale in a whole group.  

I'm not looking for people I have to try to convince, that this is incredible business opportunity. If you can't see that for yourself, then this business is not for you.  In the last two years, I focused primarily on selling the product to end users, not recruiting. But I got a few people who approached me, and wanted to know how they could get involved in the business, and sell the machines, because they could see what a difference they made in peoples' lives. Those are the kinds of people I want to work with!

I had to make a lot of sacrifices and work my butt off, to get where I am now, so you could say I have the same expectations for the people I work with. I make enough money with direct sales, to pay my rent, and don't feel the need to recruit anyone into my business. 

But I can't get over the fact that... I find it so frustrating that nobody told me about this job opportunity! Because I swear, if someone had told me about this, 10 years ago, my whole life would be different today.  I am really envious of people who've been doing this business for the last decade. So I can't help but think, there have got to be other people who would want to know about this, just as much as I did!

In my opinion, this business should be all about the product. If you don't absolutely love the product, you shouldn't be selling it. The way I look at it, you should never expect to make your money solely from recruiting other people into your business, because that is exactly what people HATE about network marketing and multi level marketing. The thought of a person trying to just "get a bunch of people under them" to make all the money for them, in my opinion, is like cheating, and it's super annoying. 

I am not looking for people who just want to recruit others. I want to work with others who want to share the product (or get people to buy machines so they can try it), because they believe in it, like I do. THAT is how you make the world a better place!  Of course, when you recruit people who are willing to share the product, then that is helping the world, too, but you really need to lead by example. I want to work with leaders, or those who have the potential for leadership.

I want to work with people with ADD and OCD

Like I said, I am willing to work with anyone who is willing to work hard, but I have to say, I think I would get the most satisfaction out of working with someone who has some of the same strengths and weaknesses as me. Because I've had to find ways to overcome my own weaknesses, it makes me want to share what I've learned, with people who are struggling with the same issues as I did.

I know that my strengths come from the fact that I have what me and my husband call "The Gift" (in other words, more than my fair share of ADD / OCD, lol).  I am a pretty high energy person, and that is why I was able to sell 50 of these machines and it's why I feel like I can work 6 or 7 days a week and want to keep going. But I had to learn how to harness that energy, and I have had to learn from a lot of my mistakes (that I want to share with my team so they don't repeat the same mistakes). 

If you can relate to a few things on this list, below... we should talk.

Do you have a lot of energy, but you find yourself spreading yourself way too thin, trying to help everybody around you?

Are you really passionate and caring and want to make a difference in the world... but you lack focus?

Are you super creative and full of ideas... but you find it hard to get some projects finished? 

Are you someone who wants to change the world and make it a better place, but you can't seem to make enough money, pursuing your passions?

Have you tried and failed at several businesses, including networking marketing businesses?

Do you find that when you get involved in a business, it becomes hard for you to actually make money because you find yourself wanting to just give the products away, and you feel bad about actually taking money from people who clearly need the products? So you start just giving all your products away... while you're going broke in the process?

Is your husband / boyfriend / Mom or Dad upsest with you, because you're always broke and you find yourself wanting to "save the world" more than you're able to save your own family?

Do you find yourself working in lots of different jobs, because you are never satisfied with the one you have, and you want to do something bigger, and better? 

Or do you find yourself getting stuck in a job for way too long, because your employers appreciate your energy, hard work and loyalty... but you feel like you are totally limited, while you work there?  Do you feel like you're "living a lie"?

Did you grow up poor?  Was there some kind of dysfunction in your family?  Do you have limiting beliefs about money, that make it hard for you to make money and hang on to it?

Are you easily distracted, at work and at home? Do you ever wonder if maybe you have ADD or OCD or both?

If so... I WANT to work with you, because your passion and energy are like GOLD....  but you have to learn how to CHANNEL that energy!  If you don't, it's like gold that's buried underneath a bunch of dirt, and it might as well stay buried! 

My aunt once told me that she saw a TV segment about dogs that are SUPER high energy, that were considered to have behavioral problems, and they just weren't "fitting in." But they turned out to be exceptionally good search and rescue dogs, because of their high energy! You can read an excerpt from the article I found, about these dogs, here:

“Many of these dogs had behavioural problems, either due to them having high energy levels which had not been satisfied in the previous home, or due to having had no training or proper care. Many were also suffering from kennel stress and were not coping well in this environment. To be able to work and use their natural instincts was the outlet they needed to overcome their frustration.”

It's funny... when my aunt first told me about these dogs, I thought, I can totally relate to those dogs! Lol! And I can't help but think there are a lot people out there, who can relate to them as well.  We don't have behavior problems... we just need a way to make good use of our energy!

When you lack focus, and you aren't making enough money, it's easy to feel beat-down and frustrated and depressed! And then you just feel worse and worse about yourself, and this doesn't do anybody any good. It's like being a dog that's suffering from "kennel stress." Or a dog that's always being told "No! Bad dog!"  Not because it's a bad dog, but because it was never trained properly!

You need to learn how to harness that energy, and channel it properly, and learn how to help other people, while you're making money at the same time!

When you're constantly thinking outside the box... it can be really hard to work inside a box. If you are a high energy person who wants to change the world...  my guess is that your are also somewhat misunderstood by your peers and co-workers (that may be an understatement).

I've worked in many, many offices, where I felt like I had to pretend to fit in. While there was a part of me that actually loved working in an office (I loved beautiful buildings, socializing with co-workers, and earning a regular paycheck)... there was another part of me that hated it.  

For the greater part of the last 20 years, I've worked in office administration. And while I enjoyed knowing that I was making a contribution and keeping things running smoothly for other people... I was always looking for an exit strategy. I never wanted to "move up" in the ranks, because I really wanted to be my own boss! And I always had such high ambitions... I always wanted to make ten times more than I ever could, in an office environment. I was willing to do the work. I would rather work 16 hours a week, for myself, doing something I'm really passionate about, than work 8 hours a week in an office.  Some people are really just not meant to have a career an office... and I definitely was one of them!

I knew that it would be just about impossible for me to save for retirement, by working at a traditional day job. I live in the Bay Area, for crying out loud. You have to make a TON of money to just pay your rent, here... much less buy a house! 

But I want to buy a house. As a matter of fact, I want to buy more than one house (I was planning to rehab houses just before I learned about this business). And I want you to buy a house, too! At the very least, I want to help you save for that down payment.

Being Your Own Boss?

If you were to work with me, I would not be your "boss."  And this will sound funny but... even you won't be your own boss. Your calendar will become your boss. You must learn how to use your calendar consistently and effectively, and follow up with people (I can show you how to do this). If you can't do this... you probably shouldn't do this. It's not hard to do, but it is critical.

One more great thing about this career...

I have to say... it's pretty awesome not having an "Office boss." When you work in an office, recognition for your hard work can be hard to come by. And you very rarely will see financial rewards for your hard work!

But this job is totally different. The more you work hard (and focus), the more you can get paid. You don't have to hope somebody's going to "promote you." Honestly I have never had a single job where I was hoping to get "promoted"... but I know it happens! 

As your friend and upline, I would be more like a mentor.  I want to encourage you, in the same way that I would want someone to encourage me.  And if you are looking for a job that you can just throw yourself into, and make the world a better place... I want to share with you, a lot of the things I've learned, to create a successful business.

For the last 2 years, I've had an AWESOME mentor. She is my "upline" and her name is Monica and she has worked her butt off in this business, like I have, and she's done very well because she really cares about people and is good at following up. 

But Monica ran her business the old fashioned way. She was successful, but she didn't have a "system" that she could teach to her downline (please know that I don't have an exact, smooth system, but I am working on it, and I can teach you what I know so far). 

I know there's other stuff you want to do!

Specifically, what I am looking for, is someone who wants to be able to retire in 5 years, but is willing to work their BUTT off, in order to do it.

I want to help you to not just make a lot of money, but to also encourage you to pursue your other passions. I know you have them! What are they?  Do you want to be a writer? Do you want to help animals? Do you want to work with kids? Do you want to travel the world? Build an orphanage in Africa? Do you want to invent something? Open your own restaurant? Compose music?

The great thing about this business is that it's flexible, and you can work from home, and you can work on your own business, and passions, on the side.

For me, personally, I want to save enough money to be able to retire on a 5 acre farm, with fruit trees all over it, and write all day, and record music. I used to record music and was in a band a long, long, time ago, but for the last decade I've been so darn busy working at different jobs just trying to keep a roof over my head. It can be really hard to pursue your passions when you live in the Bay Area and you're totally stressed out about money!

I also want to donate a lot of money to animal rescue charities, like Farm Sanctuary. And I want to be able to finish a few books I started writing (but again... wasn't able to finish, largely because I was so stressed out, and busy working at so many different jobs).

I want to encourage you to go after the things you are passionate about, too.  I really do feel like, we were all put here on this earth for a reason. We're all supposed to be doing what we can, to make a contribution to this world, while we're here. So, what is it that you're supposed to be doing with your life?  What would you be doing with your life, if money were no object?

I've built some systems for myself, to be able to stay focused, and I want to share them with people who are on my team.  When I was involved in network marketing, it was hard for me to stay focused. Well, it took me two years, but I have finally learned to use systems that help me stay on top of things. And I want to help you, too!

If you're interested in joining this business, please fill out the contact form on the right side of the page. If someone sent you to this site, please be sure to give me their referral code. If you join, you can use it to get a free gift. 


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