Friday, January 20, 2017

Inspiring success stories from millionaires who weren't focused on an ordinary paycheck

I'm not going to lie. I enjoyed getting a regular paycheck. Who wouldn't, when it means your bills are getting paid and you don't have to stress out?

But I also knew that if I never looked for a better way to make a living - besides working for other people - then I was never going to make the kind of income that I was really looking to make.  Nor was I ever going to have the kind of freedom that I really wanted!

Eric Worre's Interviews with Million Dollar Earners

Eric Worre has some incredible videos, featuring people who have become millionaires in network marketing, and I thought it might be worth creating a page of these videos, so you can see what a great opportunity there is, in Network Marketing. There are many different videos featuring people from different companies (and no company names are mentioned). 

The other reason I wanted to make this page is because Eric Worre says that you are the product of the 5 people you surround yourself with.  Many of us don't have millionaire friends, but I feel like it's really helpful to just listen to these videos. It's really inspiring to hear how these people became successful. I'm really grateful to Eric Worre for putting all this together for the rest of us.

I don't believe there is anyone from Enagic on here, but there are many millionaires in the company. I got to have a great conversation with a woman who made over 2 million dollars in the business that year, and she hadn't even been in it for more than 10 years! She deserves all of her success because she worked VERY hard!

I've pasted many of Eric Worre's videos below. If you'd like to view his playlist on YouTube, or subscribe to Eric Worre's channel, just CLICK HERE.  And if you are in Network Marketing, you MUST get Go Pro!  Do not make the mistake of thinking that because it is an inexpensive book, then it might not have value, or it is just a way to get you to buy something else.  If you get this book you will be BLOWN AWAY by how much value and content is in it, you're going to wonder why it doesn't cost way more!

In the video below, I love how Stefania Lo Gatto Feier says she didn't want to get into network marketing because she thought it was a pyramid scheme. I think most people feel that way about network marketing. But then she says she realized, "I used to do network marketing all my life. If I loved a restaurant, I told everybody.  If I loved a movie, I told everybody."  And that is exactly how I feel. If I really like something a lot, I find it hard not to want to tell everyone.

Like Stefania, I, too, was constantly selling other companies' products, without making one dime, just because I loved telling people about great products. I had 13 friends from Facebook tell me they bought the Nutribullet because of my recommendations for it (I could not shut up about that thing). Sometimes I would literally buy stuff for other people (like Wellness Formula and Vitamin D), because I felt so strongly that it could change their lives... even though it was costing me money! 

So if a really awesome company came along, and I really loved their product and it was one of those products that I knew I was going to tell everyone about anyway... and the company was actually willing to pay me to tell everyone about their product... why shouldn't I take them up on it?

Out of all the videos in Eric Worre's million dollar playlists, I think my favorite part is this one, with this woman, Diana Ross. At the 7:40 mark, she mentions how she had been working as a salesperson, and she got a letter of congratulations from her company, for selling a million pounds (she's English) worth of electrical products. Her congratulatory gift was the equivalent of a $15 Macy's voucher. I feel like, this story perfectly sums up why so many people want to work for themselves! I definitely know what it's like to feel under-appreciated at work!

Another real wake-up call for me was hearing Bri Richardson's interview (below). Bri said she is someone who doesn't get very emotional or choked up about things... except for when people tell her how much she's changed their lives because of the business opportunity she introduced to them! 

I hadn't put much effort into recruiting other people, because I was all about the product, and didn't want people to think I was just trying to make money by trying to get other people to do the work FOR me. But she and Eric Worre really got me to see that I was overlooking a massive opportunity to change WAY MORE peoples' lives. 

If it really was true, that this product I loved so much was so great, to the degree that I was willing to spend 50 hours a week promoting it to end users, for 2 years, then I should have NO problem recruiting other salespeople who could help me in my mission! I mean, if you truly do have a product that changes lives, then who is really doing a better job in helping people... the person who is focused on just delivering it to end users, all by themselves, or the person who can use network marketing to get it into the hands of 1000 times more people, who really need it?  

At the 12:50 mark, I love it how, in this video, these guys talk about the guy who showed them the video about the company they ended up joining. The guy wasn't super successful himself, but that didn't matter. What mattered was that the guy was persistent. He said "We say all the time, a monkey could have showed us the video." They said they said no to him 5 or 10  times!

Here are a lot more videos that will hopefully inspire you. Thanks so much to Eric Worre and Marina, for changing the way people (myself included) see network marketing!  You can see the full playlist on Youtube, HERE. Please subscribe to his channel, it can change your life!


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