Monday, January 16, 2017

So, what's the business I'm in? What is the actual product?

The Company I work for

I work for an incredible company called Enagic. 

Enagic was founded in Japan (with 26 locations worldwide) and they make machines that produce water that is LOADED with antioxidants.

This water changes peoples' lives like nothing I've ever seen. I am not able to make medical claims, but this is my very strong opinion and observation, based on the hundreds of testimonials I've seen, and the people I've talked to, and all the people I've sold machines to. 

The water is very, very good at detoxifying the body.  Regular water is a good detoxifier, but this water is even better. It gets absorbed in the body in a way that bottled water and regular tap water cannot be absorbed. As an example, I drank 3 pints of this water the first night I got the machine, and didn't have to go to the bathroom that night, or in the morning!

I tell everyone with a serious health condition, who gets a machine from me, that they can use it for 4 weeks, and if for some reason it doesn't work for them, they can return it and we will pay their restocking fee. When we had sold 50 machines and nobody had taken us up on that offer, I thought, ok, I should really start telling other business people about this! 

You can see a blog I created, about Enagic (and why I think it's such a great machine), HERE. You can see Enagic page (official company site), HERE. I have another website that shows how these machines can be used in restaurants, and you can see that site by clicking HERE.   

And if you email me, I can send you a playlist with some MIND BLOWING testimonials that will probably make you wonder if the product is for real, but yes... it really is for real. And I can send you the medical research, to boot. I never say the water is a "cure" for anything, but... if you contact me, I can explain even more about why I believe it works so well.

Speedy Delivery

The thing I love about Enagic, and make (a machine that makes ionized water that can give you more energy) is the same thing I loved about the Nutribullet: FAST DELIVERY. I don't mean quick shipping. I mean fast delivery of hydration, detoxification, and antioxidants.

When I learned about the Nutribullet, I was so excited that there was a machine that would you allow you to get a bunch of vegetables, into your body, in about 1/10th the time it would take you to eat a salad.  You just blend them up in a blender and drink them! To me, the concept was genius.  

So when I learned that there was a machine that made water that had TONS of antioxidants in it, I was ALL OVER IT.  I knew how beneficial antioxidants were. I used to pay up to $2 a day just for antioxidant supplements like pycnogenol, because I knew how well the stuff worked. So I knew that if I was able to buy a machine, that would enable to make water that had more antioxidants in it, than I could get from a whole gallon of blueberries, and I could make this water for less than 80 cents a gallon...  that was a damn good investment.

Return on Investment

For the last 8 years, I've been mentored by a lot of real estate investors, who are are all about the Return On Investment. They understand the importance of looking at long term growth. But even if I hadn't done all that real estate training... it didn't take a genius to figure out that the machine was a good long term investment.  The original machines cost $340,000.00, but you could get one for $44 a month, interest free for the first 12 months. 

The Competition

When I first started researching this company, I came across a LOT of competitors who tried to say that the company is bogus, it was no good, and I fell for all of it. But then I looked at a ton of research, and after 50 hours of research I felt confident that their product was the real deal, and I tried it, and wow... it really worked.

I would have made more money selling one of those competitors' products, but there was NO WAY I would ever sell something I didn't believe in. If I'm going to sell something, I know I'd have to be able to look someone in the eye and say with confidence, I really think you need this, this is a product that's going to change your life. And I just couldn't do that for any other product. 

This was the only ionizer that actually seemed to produce results, and it was the only one that was ISO certified as hospital equipment. It had the longest track record, it was built industrial grade, it had the best warranty, the most locations (26) in the US and worldwide, it was the only one that could be serviced and repaired (which is why they have been known to last as long as a Japanese made car), and it was recommended by 6,500 doctors in Japan.

When I learned about Enagic... I decided to quit my day job!  I had finally found a product that I was so passionate about, I knew that I would tell everyone about it, whether I was making any money or not!

There are basically just a few different products I sell. I don't have a problem with people wanting to promote everything their company has to offer, but that just isn't me. I like to focus on just a few products, and pour all my energy into selling the ones I can back 100%.

I want to make it really clear that when I found out about both of these companies, it was through hundreds of YouTube that showed me what the product DID, and that was why I wanted to have these machines for myself.  It was the technology these companies provided. I wanted to get my hands on it, and I knew that if it really worked, I was going to want to tell the whole world about it. 

Well, the technologies did work, and I wanted to tell everyone about them. And because I had a lot of experience selling on eBay, I was happy to find out that these machines were made by companies that would allow me to sell them, too. 

When I really like something, I can't shut up about it

I have kind of a big mouth, and when I really like something, I tell everyone about it, whether I will make money on it or not. I did that with this stuff called Wellness Formula (it keeps me from getting sick... it's like the Nuclear Bomb of all cold medications). It almost seems like a crime that more people don't know about it.
I can't tell you how many bottles of the stuff I've bought for people over the years. 

I'm the same way with Vitamin D3 (since I learned how good it is for Seasonal Affective Disorder and back pain). I've bought many bottles of it, for friends and family, over the years. 

And when I found out there was a local training program you could enroll in, for free, to become a carpenter, I used to hand out flyers for it at fast food drive thrus, to teenagers who worked there, because I wanted them to know they could make twice as much as an apprentice carpenter, and get free training. I wasn't getting paid to do this, in any way, and the people at the training facility didn't know I was doing it. To me, it was just fun.

The bottom line is, I love to tell people about things that I think will change their lives, in a big way. And that's part of the reason I'm making this blog. Because this business changed my life in a big way, and I can't help thinking it could change yours, too.

When the Nutribullet came out, I made a video about it and told all my friends about it, and I had 13 friends tell me they bought that machine because of my recommendation. And how much money did I make, from promoting that machine? Not one dime. But that didn't stop me from promoting it, because I was passionate about it, and I wanted everyone to know about it. 

Because I was pretty good at eBay, I wanted to sell the Nutribullet, because I knew that I could sell a lot of them. I even tried to contact the company, and the manufacturer in China. I wanted to sell them on eBay! And if I couldn't do that, then I wanted to be like that person who's set up with the Vitamix blenders in Costco. But I couldn't seem to get ahold of anyone, and I never pursued it much, because I was so involved in other businesses at that time. 

Sorry if that was a bit of a digression but I felt it was important for me to tell you that I'm not one of these people who just tries to promote stuff because I'm trying to make money. I promote stuff because I think people should know about things they may not already have heard of, and I like to make peoples' lives better. Who wouldn't feel really good about that?


I am also a distributor for Bemer America. It is an incredible technology that helps to improve circulation in the blood vessels. I was so excited about the technology when I first learned about it, I wanted to open up a Bemer STORE!  I will be making more videos and information about Bemer soon. 
Right now I am mostly promoting Enagic and Kangen water, but I want to let you know there are a lot of people who do both businesses - I have had quite a few customers who bought both from  me, because both businesses are extremely beneficial for human health!

If you're interested in joining me, please fill out the contact form on the right side of the page. If someone sent you to this site, please be sure to give me their referral code. If you join, you can use it to get a free gift. 

Laura Ellen


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