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Getting Help Getting Started

I am happy and proud to say I have a successful business that enables me to work from home, keep my own schedule, help lots of people, feel a lot of pride in my work, and make good money at the same time. 

There is a way I can help you get started, but only if you are willing to work really hard and show me that you're serious about creating a business and making money. 

Things were very hard in the beginning, because I had no direction and no clear system for marketing online. One of my goals is to make things a lot easier for my team, than it was for me. I worked extremely hard (and it cost me a lot of money) to gain the knowledge that I did, in the last 2 years of building my business. So I only want to work with people who understand that you have to work really hard, in order to become successful. 

In my first 4 months of doing this business, I was working 40-50 hours a week, trying to figure out how to sell the product online, in a way I could duplicate. Because I didn't have a working system, I made only 2 sales in my first 4 months (and I just did it the old fashioned way - by delivering water).
The grand total for all my efforts was $580.

I did the math on that, and $570 divided by 800 hours of work is 71 cents per hour (it's actually even less than that because I used 40 hours a week to do the math, when it was often more like 50 or 60). That's less than I made at my first-ever job as a babysitter when I was 12, and earned a dollar per hour.  

I really shouldn't even count that $570 as income, because my payments for the machine were $225 a month (because our credit didn't qualify for the $44 per month deal).  So it was more like I'd made $-330!  And I haven't even included the cost of my at-home business expenses....  yeah, let's not even go there. 

When you are an entrepreneur and you want to make the kind of money that you know you could NEVER make in an office, you can spend a LOT of time working for free. It's just the nature of the business, and if you cannot ever get used to that idea, then you should really consider getting a day job that pays well. Just be sure to save as much money as possible, so if you get laid off after 20+ years of loyalty to your company (as I've seen happen to too many people), or if your 401K goes bust...  you'll have a backup plan!

I spent a LOT of time in the beginning, working my butt off, without getting paid at all.... but the payoff was worth it.  Now that I know what I'm doing and have a system in place, we are able to sell multiple machines each month, and we are making a lot more commission per sale, than we did when I first started out. But it took a lot of time and energy to build that system.

Giving people money to get started is not really helping them...

... but giving them a way to earn it, is. Giving you a system that works is 100 times more powerful than giving you money up front. 

Awhile back I had an idea to pay people a little money to get started in this business, when they were low on funds (as I have been, too many times in my life). But I soon realized that was a bad idea. By offering to cover someone else's measly $25 fee to enter into the business (plus tax and shipping), with no guarantee of any results, I realized I would be doing that person (and myself) a big disservice. 

I'm supposed to be raising the bar for people in my group, not lowering it.  A $25 one time fee for a Tokurei distributorship is so ridiculously low that if a person thinks that is too high (or doesn't think there is ever a way they could come up with it on their own) then I am enabling them to hang onto a poor person's mentality. How in the world are they supposed to attract people who are going to be willing to commit to buying a $4,000 product, if they can't even commit to a way to come up with 25 bucks?

Believe me, I know what it's like to be broke and need help!

I am "that person" who was always working at side jobs to make money.  I was a musician and artist who wanted to keep a loose and free schedule so that I could continue to pursue my own passions, without being burnt out at the end of a week. Babysitting, dog sitting, cat sitting, house sitting, photography, temp jobs. For much of my 20's and 30s, any little job that made enough money to cover my rent and bills, but didn't involve too much commitment, had my name written all over it.  

I was always broke... but I also know that I was that way by choice, because I wanted to work on my own projects when I got home. I know that some people would look at my lack of money, and assume that I was a slacker. But I knew I was a workaholic by nature... I just hadn't found a day job that I loved enough to want to commit myself to it, completely (but when I did, I went ALL OUT).

When you are in network marketing, and you start recruiting people, you have to separate the people who are willing to work hard, from the people who aren't. You are never going to survive in this business if you aren't tough, or if you expect someone to hand you something. You have to get out of the paycheck mindset if you want to be hugely successful, and you have to take matters into your own hands. 

The way you got into a business is the way you have to expect your own customers to get into the business.  If you got into a business with financial help, you're going to primarily attract people who expect you to help them get into the business, and I don't want you to start off that way, because it would quickly overwhelm you. You want to attract strong people who understand that nothing comes for free, and are willing to work very hard, for themselves, in order to make things happen.  You just have to do a little more digging to find those people. 

Enagic distributors are a lot like people who work in Real Estate

In real estate there are a lot of people who work on their own time, without getting paid an hourly wage. They have NO guarantees that they will make any money at all, and they have to constantly HUSTLE. But when they do get paid.... they get paid very well.

Bird Dogs

I actually worked as a bird dog in real estate for awhile. A bird dog is someone who goes out and finds someone who wants to sell their house, and they bring this buyer to either a wholesaler or a real estate agent or a private investor who will fix it up and put it on the market. The bird dog acts as a middle man.  It is essentially a way for a person to get paid, without any money or commitment.    


Bird dogs are like wholesalers, in that they act as the middle man who works with a homeowner who wants to sell their property.  A wholesaler uses a contract. Like a bird dog, they have to hustle, and they don't know if they're going to get paid or not!  But they do it because they know that when they get paid, they'll get paid well. And doing this allows them to keep a free schedule. 

Real Estate Agents

In my opinion the Agent has the toughest job.  Not only do they have to hustle, and they do NOT get any kind of hourly wage or guarantee that they will be paid one dime, but they are bound by their company to obey a lot of rules. AND they have to pay a lot of fees in order to just maintain their status as an agent. 

I'm pointing out these 3 professions because they're examples of people who get paid well, but they have to work really hard, in order to ensure that they get paid at all.  The only way to ensure you'll have money coming in, when you are self employed, is to work your butt off, and build a system that works!

Some people aren't interested in this kind of job, because they just want to work a few hours, or they just want a set, predictable job with a regular paycheck, that will allow them to kick back and go on cruise control. If that's really what you're looking for, then this job isn't for you (unless you want to do it on the side when you get home from your job, to see how it pans out).  

But if you're willing to work really hard in this business, you can build a huge network that will pay you more than you could have ever made at a day job.

How I can help you get started - if you want help

Even though I don't give people money to get started, I do have a way to help people who want to get into this business with no money.  Like I said, I know what it feels like to be super, super broke. I really wanted to work, but it was hard to find something I could do that I actually wanted to do, from home.

If you are interested in working for yourself (with the intent to become an independent distributor and pay your own fee as soon as you have the money), you can let people know about the business opportunity, on your own time (just like I do). That is exactly what we, as independent distributors, do. We work on our own time, without ever getting paid, until we find a qualified buyer. 

Nobody offered to pay my way in to this business.... that's for damn sure!


The way you can get started is, I can show you what I do, as an independent distributor, and you can do it too, and see if it is something that would work for you. There is a huge advantage in this, in that you don't need to pay any money to get started, and you don't have to make any commitments. It's kind of like how kids will "shadow" at a high school for a day, to see if it would be a good fit for them. 

If you can find a buyer who wants to purchase a machine from you, and you bring the buyer to my group, then we would both get paid. If you do this, it would then give me the money to be able to help you join as a Tokurei (good samaritan) distributor, and you can keep on marketing in the same way (or your own way) to make money.  So I didn't just give you the money - you earned it. 

A Kangen water distributor only gets paid when they've found an interested prospect who is ready to buy the product, and they can bring that sale to Enagic. Just like a bird dog and a wholesaler get paid by a real estate agent when they can find a qualified seller, and bring them to an investor or agent.  And a fisherman gets paid by a seafood market when he brings them fish. And a seller at the farmer's market gets paid when they bring produce to their customers. You are giving someone the ability to pay you, when you have something to offer, that's of value to them!  

If someone is willing to do the work, and do whatever it takes to find a qualified buyer (which is exactly what I have to do, in order to get paid), then I would be more than happy to partner with them, to help them join the business.  If they aren't willing to do the work (which everyone in this business has to do), in order to be successful... well then, there's my answer to what would have happened if I had made the mistake of paying them up front!

Network marketing is a performance based business where you simply do not get paid unless you are producing results. But on the positive side, there is no limit on what you can make, when you do figure out how to produce results!

You have to lose that paycheck mentality in order to be successful. The people who become multi millionaires, and are making WAY more than they did in an office, understand this. If you become an entrepreneur and make LOTS of money, you have to have the polar opposite mindset of the paycheck mentality. With a paycheck mentality you are saying, "If you agree to pay me first, with no guarantees that I'm going to help you produce results or make money, then I will work for you." It's really kind of an "entitled" and "slacker" mentality, if you ask me.  

But with an entrepreneurial mindset, you are saying, "I am willing to work first, and then I will get paid, based on my performance." And to me, this just makes a whole lot more sense... for everyone inolved. 

If you would like to get started in this business, I can show you how. Just fill out this form to get started, and I will get back to you soon!

Laura Ellen

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