Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why I Started Recruiting People

When I first started Enagic, I really wanted to prove to myself that I could sell these machines, on my own, and I wanted to prove that I didn't need to recruit my friends and family members into this business, in order to be successful.  

For the first few years, I primarily sold these machines to people who were extremely sick, and had been dismissed by their doctors as someone who would most likely die. For the most part, it was very rewarding work.  

But it is also heartbreaking when someone does not live, and I've seen way too many people die in the last 2 years.  In every case, I always think the person could have been saved, if they just knew about the water SOONER. 

Again, I am not saying the water is a cure for anything. But what I am saying is that there are many people who are severely lacking in hydration and they are suffering from an overload of oxidative stress. Their bodies are extremely toxic and this puts them in "the red zone"... and when they're in this zone, anything can happen, and a person really can die.  So in my very strong opinion, hydration and detoxification can greatly help them. And I'm saying this because I've seen it happen, over and over, when a person is able to start soon enough.

I need more people who are willing to share this water!

The #1 reason why I am driving to find new distributors now is because there just are not enough people who can share this water with people who really need it! My goal is to create a larger network of people across the country, who would be willing to share it if you were asked.  You don't have to deliver it (unless you want to... some do). But I would like to build a group of like- minded people who are willing to carry out the vision of the founder, Hironari Oshiro, who has always encouraged people to share the water with others. 

There are a LOT of people in the US who desperately need this water!

I recently had a really sweet girl purchase a machine, and she was desperate to help save her boyfriend, who was very sick.  It took a while for her machine to arrive, and even after it did arrive, she was still waiting for her remineralizer to arrive (because she had a reverse osmosis system, she needed extra minerals in order to make the water able to be ionized).  I tried calling around to see if someone could share water with her, and wasn't having any luck finding someone who was close by, who could share it.

Sadly, her boyfriend went into the hospital before he could get to even try the water.... and he died a few days later.  It is just heartbreaking to get news like this, and I can't help thinking, what if I could have found someone to share this water with her, before he went into the hospital?  True, it may have been too late. She really worked hard to save him and did everything she could think of, but the fact that he passed away only pushes me even harder to make sure there are way more distributors across the US who have these machines.

This has happened to me way too many times in the last year or so, and I am at the point where I feel like I need to do something about it in a big way. I want to see a day where there are a few people with these machines, on every block in the United States. I am confident that this will eventually happen, but I want it to happen sooner than later!

Please know that I do have high expectations for people in my group. You can sell these machines in your own way, but ultimately, I am only interested in recruiting people who have a passion for helping others, and would be willing to share water with people who are sick. I have created a lot of systems and tools, and I am happy to share them with the people in my group who are willing to share water

I have only been asked to share water a handful of times, in the few years I've been doing this business, and I was happy to do it, so it's not like it's a big deal. Even if I got one person a day, asking me for water, I would share it with them. You're not supposed to have to offer to reciprocate, but I always do. If I want someone to share water with me, I will tell them to keep my number, and if they ever need me to share water with a prospect, please don't hesitate to call me.

I want to teach you how to advertise the fact that you are available to share this water, and let people come and get it from you. I am going to show you how to create your own blog (FREE to make and host) that will let the public know you are able to share it with them. I have created a ton of tools and spreadsheets and things I'm able to use, today, to run my business faster than I could in the beginning, and I am happy to share this with people who are sharing water. 

Why I DIDN'T want to recruit people

For a long time, I was not interested in recruiting people, because I can't stand the idea of people trying to make all their money in network marketing by trying to just get a bunch of people "under them" to do the work FOR them!

But after watching some of the videos on Eric Worre's YouTube channel, it became so apparent, these people got to where they are because they genuinely seem to care about others.

I think the biggest misconception with network marketing is that you have to recruit your friends, and that it's all about getting people to "go under you," and pressuring people to buy something. 

Well, that is the exact definition of prejudice... and I was prejudiced, all right.  

Prejudice is what happens when you assume every person or company is the same way, because you have seen or experienced something negative in the past with a few people in the same category, so you assume every one of them, in a similar category, must be the same. It is like racial prejudice. Assuming that you know "how a person must be" just because their skin is a certain color is an assumption!

I worked as a waitress in many different restaurants, and I would sometimes hear other waitresses make the comment that people of a certain race did not tip (I'm not going to say what race it was). This really irritated me, as I suspected that the only reason they weren't getting tipped, was because they weren't giving good service, because they had a pre-conceived notion about the person from the minute they walked into the restaurant!

So whenever any person of that race would come into the restaurant, I always made sure to give them good service - which is what you're supposed to do, with any customer, when you're a waitress. And guess what?  None of them ever stiffed me!

There was way too much of an assumption, that just because we were waitresses, then people automatically should leave us 15 percent, no matter what.  I always thought that was ridiculous. I hate when people have an attitude of entitlement.  I knew that if I was rude to someone or just gave them half-ass service, or if I'd acted as if I was somehow assuming they wouldn't tip me, then I'd have deserved to be stiffed.  

The Network Marketing Stigma

I really held onto a negative stigma about network marketing, because I didn't want other people to think I was being "that person" who's constantly trying to hit up their friends to make lots of money (I have some good news... in this business, you don't have to sell to ANYONE you already know). 

We've all heard the horror stories, about some friend who joins a MLM or network marketing company, and they start hitting up all their friends and family, and then everyone avoids them like the plague. People are just waiting for them to crash and burn, because we've all seen it happen to someone, who put all their time and energy and effort into a business, and then they not only lost all their money, but they lost all most of their friends in the process.

Needless to say, I didn't want to go that route at all. 

My preferred marketing method

I was used to doing eBay.  If I had my druthers, I'd just sell the product all day long on eBay and just let people bid on it! I can be pretty introverted, and don't always feel like being social, and a lot of people who buy from me are the same way. I've never done a "house party" to sell products. I like being able to stay at home and just list something online and not have to go out and talk to a bunch of people about a product. I just want to let them choose to buy it, on their own time, in the same way I'd choose to buy something... at home, in front of a tv or computer screen. No pressure, no hassle.

But to my dismay, I learned that selling the Enagic machines on eBay or Amazon was strictly against the company rules. So I had to find other ways to market the product to end users who really needed it. Luckily, it wasn't too hard, once I figured out what I was doing. 

The company I am with doesn't have many of the usual network marketing characteristics. But if that wasn't the case... what would it matter?  I became a part of the company because I wanted the product (and if you buy a machine, you can automatically become a distributor by just filling out a W9). 

Yeah, the business looked good, but I would have bought the machine even if it cost twice as much, and there was NO business opportunity attached to it, whatsoever.  And knowing what we know now, about the machine, I would be willing to pay 10x more than what it cost us.

I couldn't find any other product out there, that seemed to give people the same results that this one did. So I didn't care if it was sold via a network marketing company or some creepy dude in a dark back alley. The thing looked so awesome, I was going to buy it no matter what the marketing method was. And if it worked as well as I'd hoped it would (which it did), I was going to tell everyone else to do the same. 

If you genuinely do believe in a product...

I've said many times, that I wish someone could have told me about this machine sooner. I found myself being annoyed that no one let me know about this machine, or the business opportunity.  

And yet, I recently realized... I was being such a hypocrite! Because during the first few years of my being involved with this business, I barely did anything to let others know about this job opportunity!  Here I was, expecting other people to have told me about the opportunity, when I barely doing anything to let other people know about it, myself?!  OK, honestly, part of the reason I didn't was largely because I was so busy helping people in a health crisis, I didn't feel like I had time to recruit. But now... I'm making time for it. 

If you truly, really, sincerely do LOVE the product you are selling, and feel that it is something that can genuinely improve peoples' lives and change the world, then you should have NO PROBLEM presenting this opportunity to other salespeople, because you will be helping WAY more people, and making a far greater impact!

If I had done more, to let other salespeople know about the product, and the business opportunity, I would have been able to help 10,000 people to get one of these machines, instead of the 50 it had taken me a year and a half to sell. And that really would have been changing lives. If I'm truly "all about the product"... then shouldn't I have been making a greater effort, to tell other salespeople about it, so I can really make an impact on people and their health?

If everyone in the company had made an effort to tell 100 other salespeople about this company and the product, I would have found out about this machine a long time ago, when me and other people in my family really needed it. 

So I know the "network marketing" stigma is something that I had to get over, if I really wanted to make an impact on the world. When you have a really, really good product, it is actually kind of selfish to keep this knowledge to yourself! 

Finding Balance

In my opinion, it's important to be able to have a good balance, between selling machines directly to consumers (who aren't necessarily looking to do this as a business) and people who are looking for a good business opportunity. 

Don't feel guilty about recruiting people. Just because you market to salespeople also, doesn't mean that you're trying to get a bunch of other people to do the work for you, so you can sit on your butt. 

You will NEVER be successful in this business unless you work extremely hard.  

Systems and Structure

Partly because I was working with so many people in a life-or-death health crisis, I spent a lot of time, over the last year, creating systems and structure, that would make it easier for me to get information across to the people who needed to make a FAST buying decision. It took me over 50 hours of research, to decide if I should get a machine, and some people just do not have that kind of time! So I had to create ways to make the information easier for people to go through, and to process.

I am that kind of person who doesn't just like systems, checklists and structure... I need those things.  That is not to say I will always follow a system to a "T" when it is given to me, but I feel like this stuff is critical in order to have a really successful business, and if you have a successful business, that generally means you are serving a  lot of people. 

The whole time I was building all of this, I knew that I would eventually share it with my team.  I knew there had to be other people out there who would benefit from what I had created. 

It really annoyed me that there was no clearly defined system or structure in place. But I realized it was up to me, to create the systems and structure. Network marketing is a huge opportunity for people to create this structure, and help their downline with it.  

If you study the people who make it to the top, you will see, they are always people who are kind and caring and extremely hard working, and want to help others. I've recently been listening to dozens of speakers who made millions in network marketing, and they ALL WORKED THEIR BUTTS OFF.  But now, they can retire whenever they want!

If you think you might be interested in working with me, please fill out the contact form on the right side of the page, and be SURE to give me the name of the person who referred you here, so you can get your free BONUS GIFT when you join!

I look forward to speaking with you.

Laura Ellen

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